Strategies to Win in Lotteries

There is really no single strategy to ensure that you’ll win in a lottery. Come to think of it, if there was one such strategy then you can say goodbye to all lotteries in the world because they’ll all be out of business. We’ll present you with a few strategies you can try to get better chances of winning in this national craze.

Lottery Strategy Number One - Play lotteries with lower jackpots. This simply means that you choose the lotteries where there are fewer people playing. This will obviously increase your chances of winning the lottery. The only hitch is that your prize money isn’t going to be as huge or as life changing as you would have dreamed it to be. What you did is simply choose the path that is less crowded with less competition. Win big money at!

Lottery Strategy Number Two - Always avoid quick pick tickets. A quick pick ticket is lottery tickets that have the numbers already picked out for you by a computer. You might think it’s perfectly fine but in truth it is not. Studies have shown that the lottery tickets where you personally picked the numbers are more likely to win than those picked out by a computer’s random number generator.

Lottery Strategy Number Three - Play tickets that have additional prizes. Some lottery tickets have additional prizes on them. These prizes may sometimes be in the form of cash. An example of such a lottery ticket is one that awards prizes for getting a sequence of two pairs in a row. This is a great way to win something as a form of a consolation prize if ever you don’t win the prize money.

Lottery Strategy Number Four - Always use the power of the box. There are lotteries where it is required that the numbers should be won in a certain order. But if you place a box around your selected numbers this means that you can still win even if the numbers come out in any order.

Lottery Strategy Number Six - Play the most number of tickets you can. We all have to face the facts that the only direct way to influence the odds in lottery is to get more tickets. Since this is the case, you should play as much lottery tickets as your budget can hold.

Lottery Strategy Number Seven - Pool your money. This will allow you to buy more tickets than you can on your own budget can afford. It is interesting to note that there are a lot of people who win who were part of a lottery pool at the time they won.

These are a few strategies you can try next time you decide to join a lottery. There may not be a sure fire strategy to win it all, but these may help you get better chances.

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