3 Card poker

Welcome to Three Card Poker! We have designed this site specifically for fans of this exciting card game & also for those who might be interested in learning how to play 3-card poker! You can view tips on optimized play and view the basic rules of Three Card Poker. We have also included tons of links to online casinos. All of these casinos will let you play 3 card poker for free or real money by simply downloading their awesome casino software! Enjoy our site and accept our wishes for many straight flushes and three-of-a-kind hands!

What Is Three-Card Poker

Three Card Poker is a table game that has been growing in popularity over recent years and can now be found in most land-based and online casinos card poker. Three Card Poker (sometimes referred to as Tri-Card Poker) consists of two different wagers and propositions. They can also make wagers of different amounts on each bet. One of the bets in Three Card Poker, the ante, is played against the dealer’s hand. The other proposition, called pair plus is just a bet that you will have a pair or higher. One interesting tidbit in which 3-card poker varies from normal 5-card poker games is - It is easier to get a flush than it is to get straight!

How Is Three Card Poker Played

You will make a wager on either the ante, pair plus, or both. The dealer will then deal 3 cards to everyone at the table, including him/herself. Now the game begins! If you have made an ante bet, you must make a decision. Would you like to play the dealer in three-card poker? If so, you must double your bet. If you do not like your cards, you may fold and forfeit your original bet.

If you have decided to play against the dealer and you lose, you obviously lose your entire bet, including your doubling of the original wager. You have just lost your first hand of 3-card poker! Welcome to our club! But WAIT! If the dealer does not have at least a Queen-High, you haven’t lost. The dealer does not qualify to play against you and you are paid even money on your ORIGINAL 3-card poker wager!

If you have beaten the dealer AND the dealer qualifies to play you, you are about to receive some money! If you win and the dealer qualifies in 3 card poker, you will receive even money on both your ante and the additional money you raised to stay in the hand. If you manage to pull a hand of straight, three-of-a-kind, or straight flush you may even be entitled to a bonus payout! The bonus amount varies from casino to casino!

Give Me Some Three-Card Poker Strategies and Tips

OK, we don’t have any tips on the pair plus wager. It is a relatively low house advantage bet and you have a chance to hit a big payout. When you are playing the poker hand against the dealer, however, we do have a tip for you. The optimal strategy for 3-card poker is to stay on Q-6-4 or higher. This will yield a house advantage of about 2%…not too shabby for a game in which you can win some big bucks!

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