NetEnt Online Roulette

The first entry to consider in the Net Entertainment catalog is a simple version of Mini-roulette. What exactly is a mini version? Well, for starters it carries a smaller-scale version of the game with only 12 numbers on the board. Sounds weird alright but when you start playing you can expect that this is perfect for any low-roller player who loves the concept of lowered odds. Still, with a tinier table, it’s perfect for those times when risking the spin can be made for greater odds to win.

Net Entertainment Catalog

Our next entry is the Professional series roulette with a very clean and smart-looking layout. If you’re into accuracy then this is dead-on. The amazing part of this version is that it’s hard to tell the original table apart from this version. Its betting mode also is not bad on the pocketbook either. The last in the list from NetEnt is the roulette table with the board set up in English writing. It’s not so original to the real table but then again it’s real enough when you can play for the hi-rolling stakes as well as the standard chips allowed in the playing mode section.

The Game of Roulette

If you are looking to see an online game played at standing level only this might give you a nosebleed just making out the table itself. Not to worry, there’s no room for spilling your drink easily on this table. A smart screen in the corner of the game allows you to make quick stats about what is being played and how much was won. Still, a worthy game if you like roulette in general.

Microgaming Roulette

Microgaming’s list of online roulette games includes a generous mixture across the board to suit all tastes. Starting with American roulette, the game contains the dreaded double zero on this wheel. Unlike the others in this group this is the least favorite among the titles despite it looking and playing great it offers the lower odds to win. Nonetheless, it’s still a worthy mention. Next on the list is European roulette where the original version plays with the original zero and provides the winning edge over the house with 2.70%!

In the case of Roulette

Now the game of roulette is uncommon for most since the board has written but more importantly has a version available with the gold series that carries very liberal rules. In the case of Roulette, is the only progressive game of the series which offers some incredible chances to win with the progressive edge involved. Winning the same number 5 times in a row (which is next to impossible but not unheard of) can take your winnings all the way to the bank. Great games provided through Microgaming are simply the best choice for any avid roulette player who loves the action of the wheel.

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