Playtech Games

Playtech entered the online casino software realm early on in the game, releasing a small suite of typical games including slots, blackjack, and, of course, roulette back in 1999. Since then, the company has grown to become publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange and its game catalog has grown right along with it.

As Playtech’s slot games have been established as perhaps the most cutting-edge on the internet, the company’s collection of online roulette titles is today truly outstanding. All in all, Playtech boasts a dozen titles with nice representatives in each of the types of defined roulette subgenres: and other variations.

Particularly of Note and a Good Show

Particularly of note and a good show of what the Playtech folks are capable of is its Multiplayer Roulette. This one plays like a regular Roulette game but with the additional perk of actual interaction with up to five other players at the online casino. This is just one of the top-notch roulette games provided by Playtech, however. No matter which you choose from this catalog, you’ll get great ball-spinning action online!

Rival Gaming Roulette

Rival is one of those designers that really goes all out to make the players feel like the games played are more personal than just a slot game in general. Though they offer just two versions of this roulette game starting with, the stylish and elegant look of the games is more convincing than others. The animation is not too bad either since they put a lot into the feel.

One such feature allows a zoom button to see where the action is happening so you don’t have to feel that you’re getting a nosebleed just playing. Aside from this, the Rival Gaming version of roulette is not just lower odds to play since the double zero gives less chance to have a square deal you can still play street bets with 6 number blocks on one bet. Not too bad considering the odds to win are 5:1 and still is worth it.

Now with roulette, the odds are greatly in your favor since the zero is always a good sign you won’t hit it twice on one spin. The betting options place this simple enough with a point and click to drop your chips where they should go. There are classic classy graphics that make the game special when the zoom window lets you see where the action is placed.

Exceptional sound and graphics make this version of the game undeniable for any level of player. Just make sure you have a good sense of making a chance to move to big wins. Always give the column bets a try, they pay better and odds of winning are one in three, and pay 2:1. Not bad at all!

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