Poker – How to Host a Home Game

So you’ve decided you want to host a home game and battle the night out with your buddies, well how do you start? There are specific items for specific games here we will discuss the generalize needs as a basis of any game. Just pay close attention this article will help you provide a fun and successful poker game that everyone will enjoy at

First thing first you, of course, cannot have a poker game without the proper supplies. You will need poker chips and it is wise to purchase and use an unopened deck. A table is a necessity (you don’t want to play on the floor do you?) any type of table will suffice so long as it’s clean and the cards will easily slide over it. It’s important before game start to decide who will be the dealer, will you pass the deal around the table or pick one dealer for the entire evening. Whatever you decide be sure it’s known by all players.

You should also prior to game start, decide how much the game is worth and how the payouts are formatted. For example payout to the top 3 players left in the game to a 50% 30% 20% scale. You are the host determine the buy in and payout and stick to it.

Have some drinks and snacks readily available you don’t want to have a bunch of hungry poker players and nothing to feed those, things could get ugly. Music may or may not be acceptable depending upon your choices and the choices of your guests. Most of all have fun; enjoy your night and your game. If you’ve been successful at this home game, consider doing a weekly game night in your home or get your buddies together and take turns at having it at each other’s homes.

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