Roulette Game

Roulette game has lots of terms. So let’s make out in them in order to play roulette in a clear way. Chips are necessary for betting on the roulette wheel. At the online roulette table you can make eleven different types of bets: a bet on one number, a group of two, three, four, five, six or twelve numbers, on a column of twelve numbers on red or black, on an even or odd number, and also on finding the number in the interval between the first and the eighteenth, as well as between the nineteenth and thirty-sixth number.

Free roulette game is the only game where the players have no cell for their chips, which is why each player’s chips are of different colors. Before you buy chips you will need to call the dignity of the chips. The dealer will mark the “marker” that indicates the actual value of chips.

Bets. All rates are divided into internal and external. Domestic rates are bets placed directly on the numbers, outside bets are made on the number of common characteristics (parity, color, space allocation).

Next, we’ll list different types of bets:

1) Straight Bet (a bet on one number)

Any player can bet on any of the 38 numbers, but the probability of winning is low. Payments on this type of betting is done at 35 to 1, since the rate is one of the most risky bets.

2) Split Bet

This rate allows to put a chip on the line between two numbers, while getting to any of these two numbers means winning. Payment at the rate of “split” is carried as 17 to 1.

3) The Rate of “Street”

This bet allows you to put a chip on the line between inside and outside field of the rates, which gives a series of three numbers. the winnings are paid as 11 to 1.

4) The Angular Rate

This rate is one of the most popular bets, placed in the contact point between the four numbers. There are 22 possible combinations of angular rates. Payments are made as 8 to 1.

5) A Bet on Five Numbers

Rate is not recommended because the casino advantage here is the greatest. The chip is placed at the intersection of the line that separates “00? and “0?. Disbursements are 6 to 1.

6) The Rate on Line

This is a bet on six numbers, or double-Street. The bet is placed between two rows of three numbers. Possible combinations of 11. Disbursements are 5 to 1.

7) The Rate of the Column

This is a bet on 12 numbers which is an outside bet and covers 12 numbers that make up one of the three vertical columns. Payments are 2 to 1.

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