Craps - How to play Craps with proper Rules

It is very important that you are aware of the basic guidelines that are required to play the online game of craps. You must know what is involved and required for a stake, what are the methods through which you could easily register win, and the most important how you could lose a stake. There are stakes which are very much complicated for the new comers so you must look out for them also. People have a misconception about the game that it’s a very tricky game to play, but in reality this game offers the players to make maximum amount of bets and win accordingly. If you are aware of all the strategies of the game then you will play every round of the game keeping in mind, how much amount you can win and which bets will reduce the house edge.

The game of craps is played on a table with the help of two dice. If you are rolling the dice then you will be termed as a ‘shooter’ and a total of sixteen players are allowed to play at one single time period. While you are playing the game of craps there are certain guidelines that are fixed for the dice in use as well, which includes a proper inspection of it by the casino man and after one round gets over the dice is passed on to the next player. The shooter is the one who places the bet and it is at his personal discretion that whether he places the bets for the boxes to pass or don’t pass. A dice roll is required for this.

You will lose out a pass bet if the dice roll comes out as two, three, or twelve and on the contrary you will win if a seven or an eleven comes. A point includes the following numbers- four, five, six, eight, ten, and twelve. In a case where the outcome is not craps then the game goes on till the time you (the shooter) successfully get a point or a seven. The players make the bets prior to the beginning of the craps game round. If you throw the dice then it is termed as the come out and if the result is two, three, seven, eleven, or twelve then the person who has made the bet is declared the winner. The moment that bet is won, that particular round of craps is declared as over. In a situation where the numbers has a range from four to ten it is termed as the place roll and during this if someone has previously rolled out a point then the button will be turned on.

The game of craps has two of the most important bets: Pass line bet and Don’t pass line bet.

Pass line Bet- Pass line bets is known to be the most famous bet. Making a bet on the pass line means that you have to get seven or eleven as the come out roll and if the numbers is two, three, or twelve then you will lose. And in a situation where some other number gets rolled it is declared as a point and the identical number has to be rolled one more time and if this time seven appears then you will lose. These bets are made on any of the players and the house advantage is also very less that means that you can win thousands.

Don’t pass line Bets- If two or a three comes then you have won and if seven or eleven comes then you lose. There is a situation where a twelve number appears that means that it is ‘nobody wins’ situation. Let us say that you have made a point in your first roll in that case you have to bring seven again prior to a point being scored then only you can register a win for yourself.

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