Triple Martingale: This is a specific variant of the popular online casino Martingale Strategy, the main peculiarity of this system is a kind of 3 progressions which is based on the same principle. It means you follow slightly different sequence. The traditional Martingale sequence can be described as 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128. While the Triple Martingale looks like 1, 3, 9, 27, 81, and 243.

Every bet you make if you lose is equal to the tripled sum of the previous casino game bet. As you can see, this scheme loses two steps, which means you need strong nerves and enough money to play it. Because you must be ready to pay a hundred dollars after you lose for several times. Though you should understand that exist a slight risk to reduce the system, in that you bet on 2 out of the 3 columns, it means you cover just under 2/3 of the table. It would be exactly 2/3 of course, but don’t forget about a zero pocket or event two of them if we speak about American version.

But this is the basic idea of the system. When you cover 2 of the 3 dozen bets on the table, you have a return of 2 to 1, in a case you win a spin. So if you bet $2 and your number comes in on one of the dozens, you get $4 up on one and $2 down on the other, in that way the result is positive, you get $2 extra overall, and when you hit the third column the prize will be $4. Play roulette at!

In order to decrease all losses, you use the Triple Martingale, you cover about 65% of the table, that increase your chances to win the game and as the sum of the bet is pretty high you have the balance between wins and losses. But if you wish to follow the this strategy you need to be attentive, in spite of the fact you cover 65% of the table, the probability you hit the rest 35% of the table is pretty big, speaking formally its almost 4 times lower, but still high. This system can be called “hit and run” strategy. When you hit the prize, it’s quite reasonable to do a runner and bank the profit fast. If you play Triple Martingale or online slot you should start from as low bet as possible and it’s better to try it on some free account.

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