Rules to Play Keno Online

The game of Keno was first played in China and it was in the middle of 1800 that the game was brought to United States of America. The game has also become a favourite pastime and you can win heavy payouts and that too with little wagers. After it was introduced in America’s casinos the game became an instant hit amongst the online gamblers. Keno has a house edge of around thirty percent and the game is famous for its heavy payouts. The other element that helped in the popularity of Keno game was that you can also play by making small bets.

The game of Keno is a fun game to play. The rules are very simple to catch up and when you play online it is much easier. The house advantage is also very attractive. It is same as the game of lottery where a ticket is provided to every player and there is a ticket with a total of eighty numbers on it. You have to make a prediction of at least twenty numbers in every round. The computer selects the numbers randomly and you can place a bet one to ten numbers.

Start off by placing the numbers on the Keno board and the computer can also choose a set of ten numbers randomly for you. A green light is flashed on if you have made a choice for the number and just in case you want to rethink about the number press that particular button again. Once you have decided that with what numbers you wish to play subsequently you can make a choice for a bet for, say, one dollar or four dollars. If you successfully match up the number from the randomly selected number by the computer then it is termed as a Hit. You can also choose a bet of five dollars which is considered to be the highest bet while playing online Keno. A very important aspect is that how many numbers successfully become a Hit from the selection from one to ten numbers. The waging amount stays untouched no matter how many numbers you have chosen. You can earn high payouts by correctly guessing different numbers. The payout rate is modified according to the numbers decided by you.

After the twenty numbers gets rolled and you have successfully guessed a number then you have registered a win. Generally you have to make a choice what are the number of games you want to play and you can play them repeatedly. At some online casinos you have the provision of purchasing many tickets in one go and that can be entitled for a heavy discount. The chances are very rare that every number chosen by you gets a win but you can win some amount if your numbers get selected. You can have the details how much are the winnings for a particular number. You come across a board of eighty numbers. If you want to increase or reduce the bet then you just have to click the stake selector that is given on the screen. On choosing the bet you can start selecting the numbers and when two numbers are selected then the payouts will be showed to you. You have the provision to choose out of a collection of six tickets. Straight tickets are usually put into use. Whatever number you choose, you can only use it once.

On a single Keno card split ticket is more than one straight ticket. The combination tickets are very much similar to the split tickets and different tickets are merged in way tickets. If the player is new this sometimes helps in reducing the confusion. It depends on the casino whether they are offering some special tickets or not as they are used for endorsement purpose and they generally have high payouts.


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