How do you cash out Payments?

Cashing out payments when you win on online casino sites like Ladbrokes has never been easier, or more secure. Ladbrokes have a brilliant element to their cashing-out payments process, whereby it can be done simply by walking into your local Ladbrokes bookies, of which there are thousands in the UK. In order to do this there are some simple steps you need to follow first.

As the service is designed to allow Ladbrokes customers to access the same funds both in their online bookmakers and actual physical betting shops, if the money you’ve won is in your online Casino wallet (or poker wallet for that matter), in order to withdraw it at a physical Ladbrokes bookmaker you first need to transfer it online to your Sports book wallet. Having done that as long as the funds were won from either bets placed or winnings made at the live casino or poker sites, or a combination of the two, and then these funds can be withdrawn from physical Ladbrokes bookies. One proviso is that if you used a debit or credit card to deposit the funds onto the online Ladbrokes site initially you will need to bring this card along when you go to make the withdrawal as an identity validation.

This is altogether a highly innovative service within the world of online casino operators, and is an excellent move by Ladbrokes to utilize the wide physical presence and trusted brand they have in the UK – as well as providing the opportunity to streamline the range of services they offer. While many other providers will potentially lose customers simply by being unable to provide payments won at their sites in a quick and efficient manner if there’s a Ladbrokes near to you and your details have been validated than you can literally be walking out with a bundle of cash mere hours after you won it online.

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