Monopoly Live: Make Money While Having Fun

You know the traditional board game “Monopoly” well and you want to get serious by trying to earn money with a game of Monopoly Live but you don’t know how to go about it? Here are the rules and tips for this online casino game to put the odds on your side!

Introducing Monopoly Live from Evolution Gaming

Taking more or less the same rules as the board game known to all, Monopoly Live is an online casino game that allows you to pocket a maximum gain of 500,000 bucks. Created by Evolution company in 2019, this game is really popular among gamers.

Indeed, its fast pace guarantees pleasant use, and the possibility of programming automatic bets is greatly appreciated. The graphics are also well done and the 3D animations of the bonus feature are well done.

How Is a Game of Monopoly Live?

When you start a game of Monopoly Live, you arrive in a larger-than-life studio thanks to augmented reality technology, the background of which represents the famous Monopoly city. In this room, you will find Mr. Monopoly sitting in an armchair with a cup of tea in hand as well as an animator present live to spin the wheel that sits behind him.

This wheel is made up of 54 different sections. In front of you (bottom center of the screen) is a pile of tickets that you can bet during the game and at the bottom right of the screen, a section allows you to consult the spins and spin results of previous ones.

The principle of the game is as follows: you choose an outcome to bet on and then you bet the desired amount. You have the choice between 6 different possibilities:

  • Number 1: 1:1 payout ratio. Present 22 times on the wheel.
  • Number 2: 2:1 payout ratio. Present 15 times on the wheel.
  • Number 5: 5:1 payout ratio. Present 7 times on the wheel.
  • Number 10: 10:1 payout ratio. Present 4 times on the wheel.
  • The 2 rolls bonus: present 3 times on the wheel
  • The 4 rolls bonus: present once on the wheel

The smallest amount you can bet on this game is 0.10 bucks in all casinos that offer it. On the other hand, the highest bet possible depends on the casino with which you play.

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