Monopoly Live Bonuses

In this virtual version of the Monopoly game, there are several bonuses which each have their own particularities. Here is an overview of them:

2-roll and 4-roll bonuses

As you can see, the wheel behind the moderator contains 2 rolls and 4 rolls boxes. If you land on one of these boxes, you trigger a bonus mode in the game which goes as follows: Monopoly gets up and takes you to a real 3D Monopoly board on which several boxes appear.

He will then move like a pawn on this board according to the dice rolls you have made. Indeed, if you land on a 2 rolls box you will get 2 rolls of the dice and if you land on a 4 rolls box you will get 4.

As in the traditional version of Monopoly, if you make a double you can play again. The round continues until you have no more throws available. At the end of this bonus game, your initial bet is multiplied by the total of the multipliers you obtained.

The luck function

Present twice on the wheel, the chance function allows you to randomly win a cash prize or a multiplier. If you get a multiplier you also win a free spin to which this multiplier will apply.

The Best Monopoly Live Strategies

To optimize your chances of winning at Monopoly Live, it is in your best interest to put in place a few tips that will provide you with more security than total chance. First, if you want to get regular winnings, it will be very important to bet on numbers because they are the ones that appear most often on the wheel.

By betting on 1 or 2 you are almost certain to win again, which will nevertheless be a small sum.

Another piece of advice not to regret is to bet each time on the bonus 2 rolls and 4 rolls because you could be frustrated if the wheel lands on one of these squares without you being able to take advantage of it.

Finally, it is extremely important to know how to stop in time. Indeed, if you have a series of defeats, it is better to take a break and then come back to play later. By doing this you not only avoid losing too much money and above all you put more chances on your side to be able to put away the next time!

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