Types of casino bonuses

Casino platforms offer their customers various types of casino bonuses and also benefits. Are you a new customer? Most often, new gaming enthusiasts choose a sign-up or dating bonus, which also includes, for example, risk-free spins in one of the most popular slot machine games. 

Each bonus offered has its advantages and limitations, which can significantly affect the course of the game. Gaming experts acknowledge that the choice of bonuses is not always necessary and recommended, as the applicable bonus rules may not be customer friendly. What are the most popular casino bonuses? 

Deposit bonus

The deposit bonus is one of the most popular offers, where the customer will receive a refund of their first deposit in the form of a deposit bonus. Most often, the deposit bonus is included in both the introductory offer and the bonus package, which is offered to regular customers. 

How does the deposit bonus work? The deposit bonus indicates the amount of interest that will be refunded and the most common is the 100% bonus amount. This means that the customer will recover the full amount paid - for example - if the customer paid 50 bucks, the player will receive an additional € 50. Before choosing a bonus, pay attention to the maximum bonus amount - if the bonus limit is exceeded, the customer risks receiving only a part of the bonus or not receiving it at all. 

Sign up bonus

The registration or dating bonus is a special offer for new online casino customers that motivates customers to register and enjoy gambling. This bonus is only available once and will not be offered again. It is often subject to an expiration date, which means that it is advisable to use the introductory bonus as soon as possible. 

The sign-up bonus can include a certain amount of money, such as 20 bucks and equivalent offers to be used in casino games. Usually, you only need to register to receive the bonus and it is applied automatically, but sometimes customers will need to enter a special promotional code. Instructions for receiving the bonus code will always be described on the online casino website - follow it, but in case of doubt, feel free to contact customer service.

Risk-free turns

Free or risk-free spins are one of the most popular casino bonuses, which reflects the high demand for slot machines. With risk-free spins, the customer is given a certain number of spins in one of the most popular slot machine games.

The number of risk-free spins awarded depends on the special offer developed by the casino, but when looking at the most popular online casinos and their offers, the amount of risk-free spins is usually from 100 to 300 spins. In most cases, risk-free spins are not subject to complicated bonus execution and receipt conditions, so they are beneficial for gambling enthusiasts.

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