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VIP programs and loyalty programs are in some cases used synonymously in the casino world. Many times they also mean the same things, but it also happens that a casino offers both a loyalty program and a VIP program. Exactly what distinguishes them, we go through here!

What is a loyalty program?

Loyalty programs are a system of rewards that exist to encourage you to continue playing at a specific casino. For example, you have previously been able to get free spins after betting a certain amount of money. Other rewards are higher withdrawal limits or access to special games. Loyalty programs generally have several different levels that you climb between automatically. You very rarely need to send an email or contact customer service to join a program.

What bonuses can you get in a loyalty program?

Regular bonuses in a loyalty program are used to include cashback bonuses and free spins. A cashback bonus meant that at the end of a month you got back a certain part of your bets. With such a bonus, the RTP increased in all the games you bet on. If you got free spins instead, they were probably valid in one or a few special, pre-selected games. You often had to choose between popular games from NetEnt, such as Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest. In other cases, it was brand new games you got the chance to try, for free. Today, however, it is not allowed for a casino to offer more bonuses than a welcome bonus. This, of course, makes it difficult for them to reward their loyal players but not at all impossible.

What is a VIP program?

Is there both a VIP and a loyalty program at your particular casino? Then the probability is high that you who is a real big player can also get access to extra large rewards. Once you have climbed to the top of the loyalty ladder, you can probably write an email to the casino’s customer service. The casino will then check a number of things. It can be, for example:
That they check your identity again
How much do you deposit and play for in a month
How much you charge in a month

If the casino thinks you have reached the right level, you can look forward to completely crazy benefits. Special games and higher ceilings for deposits and withdrawals are just two examples. Many casinos also offer special trips with their VIP players. You can also look forward to birthday gifts and other benefits.

Who has the best VIP program?

Loyalty programs are much easier to compare with each other than VIP programs. It is often clear exactly what you will get at the various steps in a program. VIP programs are in many cases more tailored to individuals. This of course makes it difficult to compare different programs with each other. If you know that you are a major player, it may therefore be an idea to write to your casino and check before you start betting any larger sums.

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