It can feel a bit confusing when you say casino. Is it a casino filled with different types of games or is it the card game casino that we refer to? To make it easy for you, we thought we would take you through both topics. In other words, what an online casino looks like and what card games are available there. But also about the card game casino which is a true classic. Regardless, there is a lot to discover among both of these themes, which means that you have the perfect conditions to get started in the best way.

All about the game

Discover a real classic when you play the wonderful card game named casino. There are several different variants of the game. You can read about the most common rules that apply to the original game, but several versions of the card game have appeared over the years. For example, there is a crawl casino where the goal is to try to get as few points as possible. You can also modify with your own rules if you think it’s fun. Since different cards give different points, you can decide for yourself how much a card should give and which combinations are allowed. But if it is the online classic casino you want to play, there are certain types of rules that always apply.

Casino card game rules

In casinos, your goal is to try to get as many points as possible. You get this by picking the open cards that are on the table with the cards you have on hand. You will be rewarded with points if you have the most cards, the most spades, aces, spades 2 and diamonds 10.

The game begins with all participants receiving four cards each and these are dealt two and two. Then the task is to try to take cards from the table using the cards you have in your hand. You can do this if you match the value of the card you have on hand with the card on the table. You can fold up cards to make it possible to pick up a card. For example, a king is worth 13. This can be taken with another king but also with a 10 and a 3rd because the two cards together form the sum 13.

If a player cannot take a new card from the table during your turn, you must instead lay down one card. When all cards are dealt, four more cards are dealt with each player. Each card you collect is placed in a pile. The value of the cards can also vary depending on whether you have them on hand or on the table.

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