The Best Strategies to Win at Roulette

Over the years many have sought to find ways to win at roulette and have used popular roulette strategies. Several systems and strategies were followed, became known, and won many with the sole aim of trying to find ways to bet that will defeat “Mana”.

Below we will see in more detail some of the popular strategies that one can follow in order to win in perhaps the most popular Live Casino game.

But before we analyze Roulette strategies, we must say and emphasize that this is a game in which the luck factor plays a big role. Any systems and strategies aim to reduce, as much as possible, the importance of luck in the course of the game.

Our team searched and found some of the most popular systems and strategies followed in roulette and presents them to you below: 

1. Martingale system:  This is one of the easiest systems. The player can bet on black or red and doubles his bet each time he loses. The logic of this strategy is that the player doubles the amount each time, when he wins will get back all the points he has bet while he will have gained as a benefit the amount of the first bet he had lost. The problem with this system is that the player is likely to lose all his points until his first win or even reach the betting limit set by each Live Casino.

2. D ‘Almbert System:  It is an easy and quite popular strategy for beginners. The player starts betting a certain number of chips. If he wins, then he deducts one chip from his bet, while if he loses he adds one. It is considered a system that helps the player reduce his risk when playing.

3.Fibonacci System:  As it is easy to understand, this system is named after the well-known Fibonacci mathematical sequence. The player must create a sequence of numbers to bet on. When he wins a bet, he subtracts a number from that sequence, and when he loses, he adds an extra number. This strategy is very demanding and difficult to implement by inexperienced players.

4. Pivot System:  This system is one that many new players follow. First, the player must observe the game without betting. Once he sees a number appear twice, he then bets on that number for 36 consecutive times, either losing or winning.

5. Labouchere System: In this system the player records a series of numbers and all he does is add the first to the last and bet their sum. In case he wins, then he erases the two numbers and adds the two new “ends”, the two numbers, that is, at the beginning and end of his list. If he loses, then he transfers the sum of the first two numbers to the end of his row and the new number that will appear will be added to the first number in the relevant list.

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