Everything you need to know to play roulette at Interwetten Live Casino

One of the most recognizable symbols of the gambling world is traditional roulette. Everyone knows the big, glowing wheel with the numbers on it. Now,  Interwetten Live Casino brings this image and action to your home or wherever you wish. You can, therefore, spend your time happily with the multitude of well-designed and realistic live roulette games on the platform.

How to Play Roulette in Interwetten

  • Subscribe to Interwetten Live Casino if you have not already done so
  • Choose the roulette game that attracts you the most visually
  • Choose a number, section, or color and proceed with your bet
  • Click the “spin” or “play” button to spin the wheel

When the spin is over, the ball falls into a certain recess and the winning number is revealed

Profits are automatically credited to your balance. All of the above applies to every roulette variant you will find at Interwetten. Among them, you will find ” Roulette” which is quite high in preferences. In addition to this version, “Lightning Roulette” “Roulette: Silver” as well as “VIP Roulette” are offered. All these live games have careful graphics that make the whole process extremely believable.

The Basic Rules of Roulette

Overall, the main objective of this game is to predict where the ball will land with many betting options. Before heading to your online table at Interwetten, let’s take a look at some key steps.

Roulette is played with a small ball that spins around a wheel with numbered slots. At Land Live Casino, the dealer will accept player bets, spin the wheel and then toss the ball into it, all at a specified time. If you guess correctly with your bet the color, the number, or the section where the ball will “sit”, then you will win.

Your goal in whatever variation you choose is to predict the number or color or number interval at which the ball will land when the roulette wheel http://pokeryu.com stops spinning. The numbers on the virtual table correspond to those on the wheel. In roulette, offered by the platform, the reel contains 37 numbers from 0-to 36 and contains the colors red, black, and green.

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