Which Roulette Version to Choose

Not all roulette games are the same. Several types of this game have slightly different rules. These are not the only differences in playability that can be seen in some of the new roulette game alternatives. Even classic roulette has several versions due to its rich history.

Roulette is the most common in casinos. You will not find any significant differences in the rules. In roulette, all the signs are on the table, while in roulette they are usually in English or translated into your national language.

Roulette is also available. It’s quite different. And let’s be honest - not in favor of the player. There is one additional field on the roulette table. And this field is unfortunately two zeros, which makes the casino a little bigger than usual.

The explanation is not complicated at all. Online casinos always have certain advantages over players. The cost ratio is always less than the actual probability of winning. If you play roulette with one zero, the casino advantage is only 2.7%. Adding another zero gives the casino an advantage of 5.26%. Therefore, we recommend playing roulette and avoiding any attempts to cross the ocean.

What is a Roulette Table

Let’s turn to roulette and its rules. The most important part of the game is the roulette table. It is impossible to play without it. At the casino, you will usually find a dealer and players at the table. The dealer represents the casino and runs the game, bets, and pays out winnings. He also keeps players informed. Players do not play against each other, nor do they cooperate. Each plays on its own, and winnings or losses are independent of each other’s bets. The principle of playing online casinos is identical.

The roulette table consists of two parts - a roulette wheel and a playing field. The game starts on the playing field where the bets are placed. The roulette wheel determines the winner.

How to Play Roulette 

The game starts when you place chips on the playing field. In doing so, you choose your bet (s). According to the rules of roulette, you can place several bets in one game. You can place bets as long as you have enough chips and the table limit allows it. For this reason, you need to be careful about the value of the chips you place on the table.

When you and the other players have placed their bets, the dealer announces that the bets are over. He spins the roulette wheel and throws the ball into it. A correctly thrown ball rotates in the opposite direction of the wheel.

The game ends when the ball falls into one of the pockets. The pocket determines the value (number) and color of the winning combination. The dealer will place a marker on the playing field where the winning value is located. He then collects the winnings and pays out the winnings. At this point, the round is over and the dealer applies a new round so that players can bet again.

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