What is Casino Bonus

The welcome bonus for online casinos is the promotion dedicated by the platforms to new players who decide to sign up.

This bonus remains one of the reasons that lead a player to prefer one online casino over another, but it is always important to know in detail the terms and conditions of the best casino welcome bonuses, just to learn how to use them correctly without running into surprises.

Welcome Bonus Online Casino

For lovers of casino games, the search for the best casino bonus on the net is a fundamental step in order to start your adventure at the virtual tables and slots in the best way, perhaps taking advantage of a free credit obtained from the casino itself. to play the first games with the aim of achieving the various bonus steps.

What are online casino welcome bonuses?

To accommodate users in choosing their preferred platform, online casinos devise a series of casino bonuses designed to guide players to open a gaming account and then, perhaps, deposit money into it. These bonuses are commonly referred to as “Casino Welcome Bonuses “.

And in the variety of offers that the network offers, it is good to have a clear idea of ​​the differences between the various bonuses offered by online casinos.

What is the welcome bonus?

The AAMS online casinos (today ADM: in any case, we are talking about the Casinos certified by the State Monopolies), to favor the adaptation of new players to their virtual gaming room, offer their welcome bonuses in various methods: generally, or they offer a bonus based on the disbursement of some free spins (called ” Free spins ” or ” Free slots “), or a casino bonus on the first deposit, or an interesting no deposit casino bonus.

  • Let’s see how these differ.
  • Free Spin Bonuses

Some online casinos offer a series of free spins to their online slot machines as a welcome bonus. That is, in exchange for opening the game account and the possible first payment, they offer a certain number of spins (ie, “spins”) at their slots. Spins, the latter, with which (although they were free) it is still possible to collect real money winnings, to be played perhaps in other slots or other games of the same online casino.

First Deposit Casino Bonuses

Another of the most popular online casino welcome bonuses is the first deposit casino bonus.

This is a bonus that generally returns to the player, in the form of money, a part of the first deposit made.

For example: suppose that the online casino has a bonus of 100% up to  1,000: this means that in the face of a hypothetical first deposit of  200 if the player respects the game and redemption conditions provided for by the platform, he will be able to count on additional 200 to be used in online casino games.

To give another example: if the Casino bonus on the first deposit is hypothetically 25% up to 500, it will mean that for the first deposit of 100 the bonus will be  25.

Casino No Deposit Bonuses

This is the type of bonus clearly most sought by players, whether they are newbies or experts: the Casino no deposit bonus consists of taking advantage of a certain amount of money made available for free by the online casinos only after opening a new account. game, without the need to make a first deposit of money.

How Does the No Deposit Casino Bonus Work?

No deposit casino bonuses are sought after because they allow you to win real money without having to deposit (and therefore, risk) the money out of your pockets.

As mentioned, generally the Casino no deposit bonus is released at the end of the opening of a game account, and this is done by filling in a form requesting all your personal data (general information, address, etc.), in addition to the request for sending via email of a valid document such as driving license or identity card.

In many cases, you will have to wait for the Casino to confirm the validation of your account (and this, in some cases, is a procedure that takes a few hours)

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