What Are Backgammon Tactics

For you to win at backgammon you need to be the first player to race back home with all your pieces together. This goal is quite easy to understand but what is difficult is making your way to the goal. You have to make key points to achieve this goal. Backgammon and chess have something in common. While in chess you have to establish your position and develop your pieces first before you can checkmate your opponent’s king. In backgammon, you must build your best position first and establish good offense and defense first.

Making points is important as well, you need to have your opponent’s golden point or your opponent’s 5-point. Acquiring this point can give you an advanced anchor in your opponent’s home board.

Also acquiring points from your opponent makes them difficult to safely bear in. This can also prevent your opponent to close you out after you are hit. While you are at this point don’t leave that point immediately, it is best to let your piece stay there for a while.

If you can’t get your opponent’s 5-point you can take their 4-point instead. This is a good alternative as well, but having the 3-point is less good than others while the 2-point is not worth taking at all. Let’s take a look from your side of the board, do not forget to guard your 5-point. Do not let your opponent take your golden point. Take your 5-point in descending order with the value of your 7-point and 4-point.

At an early start of the game do not make your 1-point, 2-point, and 3-point. If you have pieces in this position they can’t be of any help with the battle. Your pieces can be more useful if they are placed elsewhere during the battle.

Try to make adjacent points as much as possible in the online casino https://newcasinosjapan.com , yet this is quite more difficult to get than having the same number of points with gaps. Your opponent can’t pass if you have six points in a row, this is called full prime. The longer you can maintain a prime form the higher the chance you can win the game. But let us say that you have to break the prime, and then you should begin with the piece that is farthest from home. However, taking the point that you wish to have is a risk that you have to make. Yet, taking a point can be easy if your piece is exposed with a direct hit.

At an early stage of the game, it is advisable as well to split your checkers especially when the situation allows you to get your opponent’s 5-point or 4-point

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