What are Video Slot Machines

Represents a new era of graphically decorated slot machines. In this type, you will be able to find a great variety in structure, as well as a bunch of different features that permits you free spins, big prizes, jackpots, and progressive jackpots. These are also the machines that come in the most during the year. There are modern slot machines with more complicated features. They often have gamification elements and offer hefty bonuses and extra games. 3D slot machines are also considered video slot machines and we look forward to new slot machines being launched in VR format. Another exciting variant of video slot machines is slot machines with the Megaways function. The game developer Big Time Gaming introduced Megaways Slots and some things suggest that there are variants like this that may be the future. More and more other game developers are producing slot machines with the Megaways principle now!

Jackpot Machines

When it comes to slot machines with jackpots, these can then be divided into two different categories.

Non-progressive slot machines

These are slot machines with a fixed jackpot. A fixed jackpot will not increase in value in line with the turnover on the slot machine but usually represents the slot machine’s top win. Although such winnings can be won quite often, they have had to withstand the competition from slot machines with progressive jackpots.

Progressive slot machines

These are jackpot machines where a given part of the turnover goes into the main prize - the progressive jackpot. This means that the winnings will escalate in line with the popularity of the slot machine. These winnings can be significantly higher than the fixed jackpots, which is why more and more players are applying for these games. Among other things, we can mention slot machines such as Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods, and Arabian Nights as progressive jackpot machines.

Classic slot machines

Classic slot machines are based on traditional land-based slot games that were previously located in shops and kiosks. The resurrection that occurred with the abandonment of this type of entertainment, opened new doors for online slot games. You will therefore find a large selection of these classics at most online casinos. The term includes both slot machines and the classic 3-reel slot machines. Although the online editions are inspired by authentic slot machines, several of these operate with higher payouts, bonus games, and jackpots. Among the most popular classic slot machines, we find Online slots,  Jackpot 6000, Jackpot 2000, and more.

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