Mastering the Art of Blackjack Counting

Experienced players in blackjack adopt a system of card counting called the Fractional 10-count System. This type of card counting enables one to have a record of the numbers both of the different values of the cards (high and low cards) that came out in the game of blackjack. Along with this blackjack card counting is the ratio which shows to the player the good chance of the deck.

Blackjack is Advantageous to Players

Blackjack is advantageous to players if the deck is filled with tens and face cards. The tendency of the dealer is to bust if he hits on a tough hand (12 through 16). On the other hand, a player can decide to make a stand on the same hand.

Now the question is how you will know when the deck is favorable, so that you may of course bet more. First, you must adopt a better blackjack card counting system that will count all the cards with the value of ten. The Fractional 10-Count System for single blackjack games has the ability to count the number of ten that had appeared, and it equalized it with the number of cards that low value that had also appeared.

In the deck of cards, there are 16 cards of ten value, the group of low cards is also equivalent to 16. Based on these facts one has to select the better blackjack card counting that will comprise the low-card group, judging them for what is more powerful in play. One can either select from 3 through 6 or 4 through 7. However, the Aces are not included, and also the numbers 2, 8, and 9.

You can find the low card count on the top half of the fraction and the high card count is indicated at the bottom of the fraction. Both total high cards and low cards are being expressed as 16/16, having the same total numbers. If a card from either one of the groups appears, merely subtract one from its group. If for example, you are in a blackjack game with 6 low cards and 3 high cards.

From these data, you will arrive at a ratio of 10/13. With the succeeding hands just simply subtract from the part of the fraction where the cards belong. The basic advantage of blackjack card counting is that the smaller the fraction the more it is beneficial to you. The 10 /13 will show a deck that is advantageous to your side. The smaller fraction of 7/13 means that you now increase your bet.

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