How to Split a Pair in Blackjack

When playing blackjack, you are sometimes dealt with two cards of the same value. This is called a pair in blackjack. An option given to players is to split a pair. This means you can separate the two cards into two independent hands and play them both. We’ll discuss some important items when you have the option to split a pair in blackjack.

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When blackjack players games get a hand that totals 16 you can almost hear them groan. Getting a 16 in blackjack is the worst hand you can ever get. It is very unlikely to win so you need to hit. It’s a real catch twenty-two because if you do hit, you would likely bust. There is only one exception to getting a 16 in blackjack and that is when your 16 is a pair of Eights. Whenever you get this hand, your only option is to split a pair of Eights no matter what the blackjack dealer’s up card is.

So how do we split a pair on the blackjack table? If you’re playing a hand-held game you get to toss your cards face up. Place it in front of your original bet and place another bet that is equal in amount to the original bet in the square. Remember that when you split a pair in blackjack, you’re supposed to place two equal bets for the two hands that you made. After this, the blackjack dealer would then separate your cards and each will be treated as two independent hands on the blackjack table.

The dealer then deals a card each to the new hands and you get to make your decisions on each hand. If players get additional pairs, most casinos would allow them to split a pair again. A common rule blackjack players should remember is that they may split a pair up to three times (that is if they’re really that lucky to get pair after pair after pair).

Before you jump the gun and split a pair, remember that basic strategy always governs our decisions in blackjack. Always check the dealer’s up card before you split a pair. The only exception to this rule is when you get a pair of Eights and a pair of Aces. You always split a pair of Eights or Aces no matter what the dealer’s up card shows. A blackjack pair is an opportunity for players to win more cash. Understanding how to split a pair and how the basic strategy works with pairs opens avenues of opportunity for blackjack players

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