Rules to play the Craps game

Craps game is one of the most famous traditional casino games, which has been in casinos for a number of years. Craps game has made its mark in this industry and is widely played in land-based as well as in online casinos; one can find thousands of gamblers who are strongly addicted to this game. In order to learn the online craps game, it is very important that you should understand its rules.

Craps game – Come out Roll
The very first roll that is made by a player in the craps game is known as a come-out roll. This is the very first type of wager that you can place at the start of the online craps game. The player or the dice thrower is allowed to keep the dice with him if he would be able to make points in his shoot or else the dice would be passed to the other players of the game.

Craps game – who would be the second shooter of the dice?
If the player fails to score points in his turn then the second player would get his turn, and this new player would be the one that is sitting or standing at the left of the first shooter.

Craps game – Bets
The player has the option to throw his dice in any section of the different betting sections that are found in the craps game. Normally there are three areas to bet, two of them are outside while one is the middle betting area, you can choose any area to bet. The table is balanced in design, therefore you got the following other betting options these include:

  • Pass.
  • Do not Pass.
  • Do not come.
  • Come.

All these bets are on the one side of the table, while the similar is on the other side. Other than that you can also go with:

  • Odds.
  • Place.
  • Field bets.
  • Proposition bets.

You can go with any of these bets; hence craps game gives you the versatility to choose among different bets.

Pass bet: This type of bet is only available when a player rolls seven or eleven as the total number. You will lose the pass bet if your bet dice are two, three or twelve.
Do not pass and do not come bet: In this type of bet if you say do not pass or do not come and still seven or either eleven is rolled on your dice you will lose the game, and at this point, you need two or three on your dice to win the game.

When does the tie happen in the Craps game?
If number twelve occurs on the dice then a tie situation occurs. These are the craps game rules followed by different styles of betting that can be done in a craps game.

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