RTP and RNG in Reputable Online Casinos

These are two other really important acronyms both in your gambling experience, both to understand the actual safety of a casino, and to know if the game is convenient or not. Let’s see their meaning.

RTP (Return to Player): indicates the percentage of money that the game (usually slots) will return in the form of a win. The higher this value, the greater the chances of winning. In AAMS or ADM secure online casinos, this value exceeds 90%. In the illegal ones, however, it could be much lower and, you will understand for yourself, that wins become rare.

RNG (Randon Number Generator): is a random number generator provided by safe casinos to randomize every outcome. Thanks to this system it is impossible to predict which number will come out in roulette or which symbol will appear in the slot machine. Of course, safe online casinos are also equipped with it because it is provided for by the rules of the Customs and Monopoly Agency. Unlicensed casinos, on the other hand, maybe unlicensed, and the randomness may fail.

Accurate customer service

This is an element that few evaluate, but which can make a difference in times of need. Efficient customer service, with trained operators who answer, is always a great advantage. Furthermore, it is proof of the attention that safe online casinos have on users. Look for customer service information in the various reviews and dedicated forums.

Casino location: is it legal if located overseas?

Casino location: is it legal if located overseas? This is a question that many players ask themselves. Can I trust a casino based in Malta or Curacao? Do I only have to register at safe casinos that have their headquarters? In reality, the situation is very different from what it seems. Many safe online casinos, even the ones, have their legal and fiscal headquarters in foreign countries. This is an economic choice mainly due to different taxation, but it does not mean that they are illegal. In any case, the essential element for them to become part of the list of safe online casinos is the ADM license, which can be obtained from all casinos, even those that do not have their headquarters

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