The Most Popular Jackpot Games in One Place

Jackpot games are an opportunity to get great emotions and a much bigger win than placing the usual bets on slot machines and various other games of chance. Jackpot games work on the following principle - the amount of winnings increases until it is won. Sounds tempting? That’s right! Take a look at the summary and place a bet!

Types of jackpots

Jackpot winnings are not fixed amounts that do not change. There are different types of jackpots, so you need to know all of them to understand how it works and choose the best option.

The types of jackpots are:

  • progressive jackpot ;
  • jackpot from one game manufacturer ( network jackpot );
  • local jackpot;
  • daily jackpot;
  • multi level jackpot .
  • Each type of jackpot has its own specifics, but the most popular of them is the progressive jackpot, in which it is possible to win really large sums of money to realize your dreams. Read our description and try your luck!

More about the advanced jackpot

Many jackpot casinos offer progressive jackpots. This means that the jackpot’s potential winnings continue to rise as long as one of the players wins it. If the player does not win, a part of the player’s bet is transferred to the jackpot. The tension grows with each passing time because you never know when success will be on your side.

When the big jackpot is drawn, its winnings are recalculated. The biggest advantage of such a jackpot game is that there is no maximum winnings. So the potential amount of money can be really large, for which you might as well buy your dream car or a new home.

Network jackpot

Online jackpot casinos also have the opportunity to win a network jackpot. It offers the highest possible payout compared to other types of jackpots. Within a single jackpot game, players from different online casinos compete for the jackpot.

The following types of jackpots are played in online casinos that operate, for example:

  • netent;
  • microgaming;
  • playtech and other networks.
  • Although the chances of winning such a jackpot are lower than, for example, in a progressive jackpot, the winnings are much higher.

Local jackpot

The name already tells us what the types of jackpots are - the jackpot is counted within one casino per game. Many players choose the game at their favorite jackpot casino and hope that luck will shine this time. In this case, too, the jackpot increases based on the number of bets made by the players.

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