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Unable to understand the details, in recent years the country has taken several steps that have undermined the development of poker. At one time, it was decided that gambling companies should obtain a special license, leaving poker players with little opportunity to operate in a legal environment. In turn, in 2018, the personal income tax rate on winnings from gambling was introduced. In an area where potential profits are mathematically small, the introduction of this tax has forced people to avoid declaring income. Several players who have a poker main occupation have been forced to look for other homes because their winnings are not subject to income tax there.,

Maxim, what is the poker community worried about right now?

At one time, the poker environment was the largest in the Baltic States. In the forums, players wrote about their success and their progress. Over time, everything went down, and we fully understand why this happened. First, a law on the acquisition of a gambling license was introduced. It was later supplemented by the condition that players who cost more than 3,000 bucks a year must pay income tax. And it is very high - 23%, but if the cost exceeds 62,800 bucks: 31.4%. What can you pay for if you are lucky, but not if you play constantly? Poker players are good math poker players, they understand what that means. Those for whom it is their main occupation are forced to hide their names and operate on unlicensed sites, which in turn means that the treasury loses money. The best players have decided to leave and become, for example,

There was a time when people did not have to pay income tax on winnings from gambling. You probably understand why this law was repealed.

The problem was that people were trying to launder money through the casino. However, there were several ways to solve this problem. The previous law was incomplete. It should not have been repealed but recast. It is obviously easier to cancel something than to correct mistakes, even though the state is isolating itself. It would be interesting to study how much money has been lost with the introduction of this tax. Several players have are spending money there. And it is only because of the tax system. Otherwise, no better than - it has a similar climate and a similar society. In this way, they would spend their resources at home. I know a number of players who are patriots and they don’t want to leave. Lives, but is forced to hide his income, although he would rather not do so. I think we all deserve to feel free

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