So You Want to Learn Poker?

Poker is a very absorbing and challenging card game and is one of the most popular past times in the world. It has definitely gone a long way from its past image of Wild West saloon table hustling and shootouts in the 1800s, and a game of luck held in dimly lit basements populated by underworld characters during the Depression years.

Poker today evokes glitzy images of hyper-modern casino resorts in Vegas and a stunningly realistic computer card game that can be played from your den. The popularity of poker steam-rolled into human consciousness at the turn of the Millennium; thanks to wide media coverage of multi-million dollar pot poker tournaments that changed the lives of winners and fired the imagination of millions of TV viewers. If you want to learn poker, you can log on to popular online poker sites that offer free tutorials on the game.

Computer Card Game

There are several variations of poker. While they follow the same basic card combinations called “hands,” they essentially differ in their style of play. “Texas Holdem” is the most popular variation. If you want to learn poker, the best way to start is to know the different hands and their order of ranking. A glossary of poker terms is also nice to have around while reading up on your tutorials just in case an unfamiliar word crops up in your tutorial lessons.

Played a Poker Game

In Texas Holdem, the player gets two cards that he needs to combine with five other cards and arranged in a particular way. The kind of five-card combinations or arrangements that an online player games needs depends entirely on his judgment and appreciation of the situation at hand. It is said that in poker, luck only comes into play in the kind of cards that are dealt to each player.

What the player does with these cards and how he arranges these into a winning hand now depends entirely upon his skill. The player who has the best card combination, or “hand,” wins the pot. Since the players are arranging their cards and placing bets without knowing the cards of the opposition, they employ psychological tactics like reading body language and bluffing to get a fair idea of the cards of the opposition.

Aside from psychology, poker players must also need some basic mathematical skills because part of the game is calculating the odds of winning or of being able to draw the right card for the desired combination to defeat the perceived hand of the opponent. While it’s true that the distribution of cards is random, winning the game will depend entirely on the strategic and psychological skills of the player as well as on his ability to understand human nature. If you want to become a successful poker player, these are the things you first ought to learn. Poker is only a game that mirrors how well you have learned your lesson.

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WPT Poker Corner debuts on Travel Channel Big News - The World Poker Tour and cable’s Travel Channel have joined to create the first US-televised poker analysis show called WPT Poker Corner. Major cable television networks like Bravo and ESPN are now showing poker on prime-time tv. Many novice players are trying to find a way to learn the game. Pm. “Our customers have been asking for these tournaments for years,” said Mike Chornobyl, the track’s poker room director. StartingResults. Roland Boudreaux/Frog City Travel Plaza: I feel it’s a win for Acadia Parish, not a win for truck stops or video poker.

If there is such a thing as? justice? in the game of poker, it was rendered in the,000 buy-in Seven-Card Stud event at the 2004 World Series of Poker. The Victorian figures follow reports that revenue from that state’s poker machines was significantly higher in June and contrast with the news.

I’m sure not many of you have played a poker game before, but soon you’ll experience it with a new upcoming DS title announced from Crave Entertainment. Andrew Dimock (26), who earlier this year won the New Zealand Poker Champs, today won the title of New Zealand Monopoly Champion at the grand finals held it seems that a new approach is seeing applicants being put to the test on video gaming and online poker skills, with recruiters believing that the skill set.

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