Personalized Poker Coaching

Once a player masters the basic skills necessary to win consistent money, he/she has a financial interest not educating the opponent. That is why many of the leading professionals are reluctant to support further publications related to winning strategies. Still, several top players have published books on proven tactics and strategies that win money. Their philosophy is twofold. They believe that there are so many players, it is unlikely that the text will impact the profitability of the game that much. In addition, the money received from their publications greatly offsets any potential loss that might occur in their games.

There is a third reason that the games remain profitable despite the exploding number of recent publications students rarely understand the principles well enough to apply them successfully. Many students read about strategy but must apply it in a rule-based form which is often incorrect. Poker is a dynamic game. Strategy is contingent upon the individual dynamics of any given session. Learning how to recognize these situations and determine the appropriate action is a difficult challenge. This challenge can take years to master. However, with recent software developments, coupled with a coach who can help a player recognize, evaluate, and determine the appropriate action, the learning period can be significantly reduced.

Welcome to Coachpoker a website devoted to delivering personalized poker coaching. Are you a self-taught player? Have you read some of the popular literature on the game? Are you someone who plays semi-regularly online? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a likely candidate to benefit from personalized poker instruction. Poker’s popularity has exploded over the past 5 years thanks to much of the media attention surrounding the World Poker Tour. Casinos are struggling to expand their rooms in an effort to accommodate the influx of new players.

Many of these players are learning and practicing the game online. With the convenience of the internet, online poker offers every player an opportunity to have fun, test their skills, and potentially win money. The incredible growth in poker’s popularity has also created a burgeoning market in educational services. Poker websites like Poker School and the University of Poker are examples loaded with articles, software, and forums dedicated to improving your game. This site takes education a step further by providing you with a personalized coaching program designed to meet your goals.

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