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It is not easy to determine at what precise moment in history the roulette game is truly born. If we speak of the simple wheel, which is the basis for most of our transportation, historians say it was invented in 3500 BC! One can imagine that since that time, many of our ancestors were able to use this object of locomotion as a fun object. Most historians date back to the 17th-century mathematician, philosopher and French theologian Blaise Pascal wanted to create a perpetual motion machine.

This machine would be the forerunner of roulette as we know it today. Other sources we have until 1720, in England, a game then called “Rolly Polly” is frequently played. This game resembled a very hard game of roulette as played with a ball and a cylinder. One certainty is that the game of roulette spread gradually from the beginning of the 17th. Late 18th, early gaming circles (often illegal) appeared in France.

Roulette was already a place of choice. In 1842, two brothers, owners of casinos in Monte Carlo, Louis and Francois Blanc invented the roulette game to zero. Zero means the loss of your bet in most cases (unless you have wagered on him or simple luck). So the wheel was no longer 36 but 37 numbers It was a way to give an advantage (the managers of casinos). This wheel, the so-called European is still very commonly performed today. Later, the Americans took a liking to this game from Europe.

Another box skillful addition to the 37 existing numbers: that of 00 (same as the 0 added by the White brothers). American Roulette was born with an even greater advantage for the casino. The play mat: Mat roulette game is essential because it is on this that you place your bets. It is therefore a mat or all roulette numbers are represented. You deposit your casino chips at strategic locations before the dealer starts the ball.

In all our applications roulette offered on this site online is your computer mouse that you break up your chips on the table. 36 numbers (1 to 36) are divided into three columns, with zero located above the columns. Left and right columns are easy chances (lack of 1-18, going from 19 to 36, black, red, odd, or even). Under the simple chances, are the dozens (the first twelve “12P”: from 1 to 12; twelve middle “12M”: 13 to 24, the last twelve “12D”: 25 to 36), and under the numbers, columns. The table at the bottom of the page tells you how to place your chips on the basis of the bet you want to do.

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