Jackpot Slots

Jackpot Slots is a concept all of us who love casinos are familiar with. Especially if you are interested in slot machines, jackpots are extremely exciting to play. When looking for luck at an online casino, it is often in the hope of running away with a giant jackpot! On this page, we have gathered all the information about slot machines with jackpots.

Slot machines with jackpot

These slot machines have a special functionality which means that the main win on the slot machine is a Jackpot. These can be small or large, and in other words, only consist of a few bucks to many millions. The largest jackpots are usually centralized, and the smaller jackpots are usually local. Among casino games with jackpots, we find both slot machines, video poker, and table games. But most people associate Jackpot at the casino with various slot machines that have this functionality.

Local Jackpots

This simply means that it is the casino that pays out the Jackpot. So if you win, it’s the casino that loses the money. The small and medium-sized jackpots are of this kind. For example, Divine Fortune is a slot machine of this kind. Here there is a small and a medium jackpot paid by the casino. The size of these jackpots will also vary depending on how much you bet. The main jackpot on Divine Fortune is also paid by the casino, and it changes according to how much people have played at it. It works so that it grows because a small part of the bet is collected in the main jackpot, and this is called the progressive jackpot. Divine Fortune’s Jackpot is different at different casinos due to the fact that it is a local, progressive Jackpot.

Progressive Jackpots

Jackpots that are NOT paid by the casino are called central Jackpots, and they are always progressive. These Jackpots are managed by the gaming providers. Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams are examples of central, progressive Jackpots. It is thus NetEntwhich takes in the progressive amount that is collected as people play on these machines. This money is collected in an account with NetEnt and paid out from NetEnt via the casino to the player when someone gets the Jackpot. These are the huge Jackpots that many seek and play to win. It must be said that these are of course very difficult to obtain. That is why it is a relatively long time for someone to get these jackpots. Also remember that on Jackpot slots, Return To Player (RTP) is also slightly smaller than on other slots

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