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Currently, the online gambling sector is among the most active and richest together with sports betting, not only, but all over the world. It is even predicted that by 2024 the global online gambling market will reach close to 80 billion euros. This is mainly due to three main factors:

many investments that gambling sites make in software, graphics, and offers of bonuses and promotions,

but also thanks to the growing use of technology and digital devices by the population. Suffice it to say that in the number of smartphones has far exceeded that of the inhabitants: 80 million against 59 million.

  • The coverage of wifi and fiber-optic networks now reaches all corners.
  • Spending in the last three years on online gambling.
  • The numbers of the phenomenon of online gambling: constant growth

The game has belonged to the culture since the dawn of time. It is said that the ancient Romans already delighted in betting and betting on the chariot race, or that they entertained themselves playing dice, Navia aut capita (our heads or tails), or digitus micare, ancient ancestors of current casino gambling or online gambling. This phenomenon was so strong already in ancient  Rome, that it was precisely in the Republican age that we saw the first law in the history of humanity to regulate gambling: lex tabular.

The passion for gambling did not stop then, and once again was the protagonist in the field of gambling, first with the gambling dens and taverns scattered throughout the peninsula and where they played especially with cards, and later with real gambling halls.

casino gambling fact, the first casino in the world was born in Venice in 1638, and therefore the relationship between gambling has always been very intense, and the leap toward gambling sites and games of d ‘ Online gambling was short, straightforward, and natural. The global spending related to online gambling and not is 106 billion euros, but little by little players from all over have increasingly preferred gambling sites, and there has been an enormous growth in the online world. First of all, in just one year, per capita, spending on gambling grew by 3.5% from 2018 to 2019, given that it was confirmed in 2020 such numbers were not only confirmed but even strengthened, with games in particular. online gambling such as poker (74.3 bucks million), and online bingo ( 50.6 bucks million).

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