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In Online Casinos, knowing and knowing how to take advantage of active promotions for players is a good opportunity to use additional credit, perhaps given by the Casino itself in the form of free spins or prize pools distributed as gifts.

How do recognize the best online casino promotions?

Online casinos, to retain their players, from time to time propose some promotional initiatives aimed at offering bonuses and additional prizes for players who already have a gaming account on their platform.

The latter, generally, are promos and offers characterized by the redistribution, in one way or another, of a series of bonuses in favor of the player, perhaps with additional amounts given away or free spins on online slots.

Generally, there are two ways to subscribe to promotions: in most cases just play the individual games and compete for that particular offer; alternatively, there will be conditions to be respected in order to take advantage of this or that offer, such as a certain number of spins to be performed (if the promo concerns a slot) or a certain number of hits at the green table (in case the promo included the classic games from Casino).

Therefore, to judge the goodness of a promotion, it is also necessary to understand to what extent one can be willing to pay to try to take it.

Let’s assume that to take advantage of a certain offer, 1,000 spins in a day are required for a certain slot: if you are an occasional player, who may prefer other types of casino games, it will be better to focus on other promotions. If, on the other hand, you are a regular online slot game player, this could be a tempting promotion to grab.

The more the method of obtaining the promotion suits your playing method, the more attractive the promo itself is for the player.

What are the best online casino site promotions?

Online Casino promotions can be presented to the player in various ways: there may be slots that give a bonus game, tournaments to casino games with added prize pools (also called “races”), rankings that reward the most loyal players, and assiduous, cashback for slots lovers, a random award of a daily bonus.

Let’s see some examples of the best online casino promotions:

The slot bonuses. There may be slots that, perhaps from a promotional point of view, give a bonus to their players. For example: to make that slot known, the online casino gives 50 free spins on it, with which you can possibly win real money.

The daily tournaments. Also known as “races”, there can be actual tournaments based on some online slot machines, with a prize pool added by the Casino. With each spin with which a winning combination is obtained, an extra score is obtained, which will form a ranking. The players who settle in the upper part at the end of the day will be able to win a part of the prize pool.

The rankings. The logic is the same as for daily tournaments, only the time frame is broader. The more you play, the more you win, and the more points you get to compete for a ranking that at the end of the promotional period will reward the players with a portion of the prize pool, totally donated by the online casino.

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