Card Count in Blackjack

What is card count in blackjack? 

Blackjack is a game with different variations, but the main goal and the rules that shape it does not change. The object of the game is for the player to complete 21 with the cards dealt with him by the dealer. Otherwise, the player loses, as he must not exceed the specified number, while he must not lose to the dealer. The rules of the game are not difficult and anyone can learn how to play even if they are a complete beginner. The value of the cards is also very easy as all the cards that represent a number have that value. Also, the figures are worth ten, while it should be noted here that the Ace has double value, one and eleven.

Each player has the opportunity to choose from many systems and strategies in order to make his game even better. It is necessary to formulate his own tactics in the game and of course to try several strategies to decide which one suits him best and he believes that it will bring him a higher profit.

Surrender, Double Down, Insurance, and Splitting are some of the most well-known and proven successful strategies in Blackjack. However, perhaps the most important of the methods and systems that will help the player win in Blackjack is by many counting the cards.

In 1962, Edward Thorpe published his research in the book Win the Dealer, which, in addition to revolutionizing Blackjack, was used by many Live Casinos as an instrument for dealing with card-counting players. The player through the counting of cards has the ability to divide the cards into categories (High & Low Value) while depending on their appearance he can add, remove or stay in the total he has collected, and in this way he can to better deal with the dealer.

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Although it is difficult at first for a new player, the fact is that he does not need to have a mathematical mind to be able to count the cards, on the contrary, he needs patience, discipline, and a lot of practice.

Of course, in addition to the basic method for counting sheets. There are other methods that need to be practiced. The basic method for counting cards is KO or Knock Out. It is the simplest method, which is also used by new players. Other methods are Hi-Lo where all value cards between 2 and 6 get a value of +1 while all 10 and aces count as -1, all other cards are neutral with no effect on the count. Another method is Hi-Opt which is divided into Hi-Opt I and Hi-Opt II. Hi-Opt I is also based on the Hi-Lo system but has a more sophisticated point conversion structure. Finally, there is the Omega II method which is a personal best for every player to learn, as in this case, the chances that the player has to win at Live Casino are very high.

Counting cards, however, may not prove to be an advantage for the player in some cases. Almost all online live casinos and land-based ones in recent years use a system of very frequent shuffling of the deck, with the result that the sum each time during the count is no longer valid. In these cases, you can resort to the technique of counting the cards only if you know that the deck is shuffled, but not after each deal. That is why it is very important that every strategy is used in the game for it.

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