Learning Blackjack When You’re A Beginner

In the game of blackjack, you are given two cards. The value of the cards differs from one another. The card which has the numbers have their face value, while the face cards such as jack, king, and queen have a value of ten, and the ace has either a value of 1 or 11. For beginners in blackjack, the main purpose of the game is to get to 21 or closer to 21, and beat the dealer without being busted. This is a card game wherein your opponent is the dealer.

Table For Beginners in Blackjack

The blackjack Table For beginners in blackjack, the table is shaped pretty much similar to a half moon and is located in the center called the pit. The person on the pit is called the pit boss, who manages the games. Beginners in blackjack who are looking for a game to play must read the sign at the left side of the dealer which says “minimum $10, maximum$1000”. It means you can bet from $10 on every game you will be playing. For beginners in blackjack who find this costly, you look for tables with a lesser amount of minimum bet. The table with the most number of players is the one with the least minimum bet like those tables that offer $2 or $3 blackjack. However, not every casino has this kind of table.

The Cards For the tables with low limits, the blackjack cards are being dealt from the “shoe” a tool that enables the dealer to get one card at a time. The “shoe” usually contains 6 to 8 decks of cards. Tables with much higher stakes can deal with two decks of cards. After the player placed his bet, the dealer then gives cards two cards to the players and to himself starting from the dealer’s left side to his right. For beginners, the blackjack cards are being given face up, and players should not touch them or they will receive a warning from the dealer. Doing this several times may cause you to leave the table. However, if the cards are being given to you face down, pick up the cards in one hand only and hold the cards over the table. A gentle scratch from the table felt with your card will mean that want a hit. The third card is being left face up on the table. For blackjack beginners, if they will make a stand, slide the two cards under your bet of chips with one hand gently.

For the game itself, for blackjack beginners, getting an ace and a card of ten value is called a “natural” card, and this is blackjack with your first two cards. This kind of card will give you a winning of 150% from your bet. Pray that the dealer has no blackjack too, but if he has, then it is called a push. You do not win anything and your bet is returned to you. Beginners in blackjack may find this card game a simple one but it requires a lot of skills and thinking also. The constant playing of this game will later bring a lot of fortune.

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