Winning Roulette System

Online gaming like any other gambling requires understanding, a plan and a winning roulette system. The big timers know what they are getting themselves into well before the wheel starts spinning. So it is important to know where you are playing. You will want to go to a casino that has a big pay out, and you want to be wary of any casino that fails to disclose its payout.

The history of gambling is littered with claims of the perfect gambling system, especially a winning roulette system. Now here is where you can do yourself a huge favor, remove the thought of a perfect system from your mind. There is no one size fits all betting situation, find the betting strategy that fits your stake and goals. Now of course everybody wants to win but try and learn to win your way.

The D’Alembert system, also known as montant et demontant or the ‘upwards and downwards’  is also referred to as the pyramid system. The system is based on mathematical equilibrium theory created by the French mathematician D’Alembert. You should try to utilize this system when placing even-money outside bets, and you want to keep the amount of  your bets and losses to a minimum.

What makes this a winning Online Roulette for some is that it keeps the betting progression simple. After a loss, one unit is put back in the pot for the next bet, and after a win, one unit is removed from the pot for the next bet. If  you start the bet off with12 units, a loss would raise the bet to 13 units. If you win, the next bet would be 12 units. This system is unique because it works on the principle that you will lose following a win, more likely than win following after a loss.

Another option is the Labouchere System. Which is a progression betting strategy that does not require you to blow your stake quickly with risky double-ups. The system involves writing down a series of numbers in a line to figure out how much you should bet, following a win or a loss. You  add the numbers at the beginning and end of the number line to figure the how much you want to stake of the next bet. You cross out those numbers after you win and continue down on the smaller line. If you lose, you add the first bet to the end of the line and continue to work on down the longer line.

The best thing about the Labouchere system is that you can customize your betting list, you can play your game instead of being played with, allowing you to design a personalized winning roulette system. Another benefit of this system is that is designed in such a way that if you win over a third of your bets, you will win.

There are a lot of books out there that will give advice about how to be a successful player on the online circuit. Have a look at them and see what they have to offer, but keep in mind that you should do what works for you. Avoid the illusion of a no loss bet or easy money. But if you want to do it smart stick to the basics, nowhere you are playing and play your own game.

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