Three Card Poker Online

The game has a dealer and a player and follows most of the ideas on the conventional poker. You need to be very fast in your decision making and know what hands to hold on to and which ones to let go. The first few rounds might appear to make the game so hard but in a short while you will be conversant with the winning ways of this game. You will have so many payers who can join and play the game to make it more interesting with tons of cash prizes to be won.

Three Card Poker Online Game Information

This is a fast game that is played in over thirty countries across the globe which makes the payouts more lucrative and high. The land-based installations for this game are way over 1,500 with over ten thousands players who play the game on daily basis. The winnings are estimated to be over 1.2 billion dollars yearly. The game has 2 different aspects that will increase the chances of winning namely six-card bonus and the Pair Plus game. On average, the return for the player is 89.78% for the six card bonus, 97.99% for the Three Card Poker and 95.62% for the Pair Plus game.

Three Card Poker Online Bonus Payouts

For the Pair Plus these are the payouts:

Pair one to one

Four to one flush

Straight hand which is five to one

Thirty to one is known as three of a kind and

40 to 1 is a straight flush.

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