Roulette Tips

Roulette, just like other online casino games like craps and head or tail, is a game based on luck. So in this game the winner will be set by Lady Luck! Roulette has the air of a quite sophisticated casino game offering its players the odds to win as much as 35 times the money that they used as their bet.

There are two types of Roulette:

the American Roulette

and the European Roulette

The difference between the two is that the American Roulette has 1 more number on the wheel (00), this is changing a little bit the odds, since another number means less possibilities for the players to win, so the odds if you bet on a single number or on other things like that is going to be increased a little bit by the rules.

Before you start playing the roulette you must know one of the basic and most interesting thing. If you bet on red or black, even or odd and the other that are 2 of them, your probability of winning is 46.37%. So this means that mathematically you can’t beat the roulette. All you have to do in order to win here is HAVE LUCK! This number is for the American roulette, if you are going to do a check for the European Roulette, you will see that the numbers are different. For example at a European roulette the odds if you bet on red/black are 47.37%.

The best way to beat the odds, and to win some money by using the roulette is for you to try wagering on combination of black and even. My strategy that I like to use is to take a look at what number came out so far, and bet depending on that information. It’s well known and stated everywhere that at an online casino, the odds are the same for any number to come, but if you play it this way it will be more fun, and in the same time it will make you feel that you are in control of this.

While surfing I’ve found an interesting Webster that claims to found a way they can beat up all the odds of an online casino roulette. They explain a little trick that they claim they just discovered and they want to share it with everybody, but in real life that trick doesn’t work, so I guess only luck will make you rich with a roulette. As a final advice if you are planning to play the Roulette is that you should stick to the bets whose odds are almost the same with the payouts. This means that if you want to have fun, and maybe win some money you should stick to the black/red, even/odd and so on. Only this way you will be able to win.

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