The game of Keno is very similar to the games of Bingo and the lottery for example as they are completely random and no strategy really can be used to gain an edge on the house when playing any of these games. The game of Keno has been around since the early ages. All you have to do to play the game of Keno is select up to 10 numbers of your game card. The numbers are from 1 through 80. If a ball lands on one of your selected numbers it gets awarded to the total of numbers you selected. Depending on the number of numbers you selected it can take between 2-5 numbers before your ticket becomes a winning ticket. With each ball that lands on one of the selected numbers the prize value increases.

One thing to note is that as with the game of Bingo you should not expect to see the same balls being drawn each game. Keno is a game of random and the odds of the same numbers being drawn each game or even several games in a row are virtually impossible. The best method is to change up your numbers on a regular basis, meaning don’t play 10 games in a row using the same numbers as odds are you will lose overall. Always remember that the game of Keno is a game of chance and should be viewed as such. Keno can be a fun game and offer some great excitement so play with a smile and may the balls fall in your favor.

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