Have Fun with Online Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game similar to blackjack. The rules are same, the players bets against the house. Baccarat involves a banker or dealer and 2 players. The banker deals to each player at the table an equal number of cards (maximum limit is 15). The player has to get the number which is equal to nine or close to nine. In order to win the player must beat the dealer’s hand.

Rules: –

Face cards and tens are counted as 0, whereas other cards are same as their numbers.

A card count with 9 or “natural” is analogous to 21 in blackjack.

When the card counts exceed 9, -10 is done from the total. Example if the players holds card 8 and 8 , the total of the cards is 16 so the players will get -10 from the total leaving him/her with only 6.

If a player holds a hand that is equal to 5 or less then he/ she must hit.

If the player holds that cards over 5 then he/she stands.

Chemin de Fer:- It is another version of baccarat, gaining high popularity in France. In this version the house does not risk a penny. Only the number of 10 players bet against each other.

American Baccarat: – It is also known as punto banco, In this the deer works with the 8 deck shoe. It is gaining high popularity in Canada, Australia, Sweden and North America.

Mini-Baccarat: – This is the most popular game. This game does not use the number 13 during the game play. Since this number is considered inauspicious among a large population so people who don’t like the number 13 plays this game. This game is played with 6-deck shoe.

Baccarat en Banque:-This is the least popular card game which uses only 3-deck shoe.

Apart from all these versions of game there is only one rule to win that is successfully predict which hand is closer to number 9, dealers or yours.

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