Blackjack Tips

Before you start playing blackjack, you must first know exactly what are the Probabilities. In the next table we are going to show what are the probabilities for you to get more than 21, and lose the game.So taking into consideration all these factors you must understand what chances you have to win the moment you will be hitting the HIT button. So my personal opinion is that if you have less than 11 you should definitely HIT! There is no doubt about this, but if you go up and hit it after you have passed 15, you the chances won’t be on your side.

In most casinos that are available right not the dealer has an advantage of appropriate 8% more than you have, so statistically it is more likely that he will win. But there are still some other factors that if you take into consideration you will be able to win. The probabilities that you win playing blackjack are one of the highest if you compare this game with other online casino games.

If you will be using correctly some strategies and techniques that are often used when playing this game you will be able to manipulate the odds to your favor. This why most casinos will not allow people to count the cards that are being used in a blackjack game. If you will use that technique you will be able to take down the dealer’s advantage from 8% down to 0.5%. This way it will be only a matter of time until you will be able to win.

In order to be able to count the cards, you must have a very good memory, but if you will practice this for some time you will be able to do it. And this way you will be able to win a lot of money from casinos. It is known that this strategy is not illegal, but if the casinos will find out that you have been doing this in order to make your chances to increase, they will probably throw you out. But you will still keep the money.

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