Baccarat Systems

The rules of the game of baccarat are very simple, the dealer distributes two cards to the player and to himself, with the two cards had to be reached or should we approach the maximum score of 9 or 8 (in both cases the player declares the point and discover the cards); asking, alternatively, a third card, this third card may be required when you have a score between 0 and 5.

In baccarat all the cards retain their value with the exception of the figures that are zero and the axes which have a value. It is also worth mentioning that the values that exceed the ten 9 is removed (for example if you get the true value of 16 is 6, in the case of 19 it gets a 9, which is called “natural”).

If you come to hand in the hand is a tie the pot and nothing remains for the next hand. The baccarat table is divided into 12 stations, a station is occupied by the banker, the other players, and each player can aim in three ways, the winning player on the bench and win the tie. In the table there are 12 boxes in which the benches mark the commission that each player must pay when you pick the game.

The most popular versions of the game of Baccarat are:

Punto Banco, maintains the basic rules of baccarat and is very popular in North America, is also called regular Baccarat. The counter point is very similar to baccarat chemin de fer, the only difference being that in Baccarat the player plays against the Dealer (Casino) and then you play “online casinos”. In the game of Punto Banco there are decisions to be taken, apart from deciding how much to bet, and what point, if the player or the dealer. Also in Punto Banco, you can also bet on the same hand “tie”.

Mini baccarat, baccarat game more popular in North America and at online casinos. The rules are the same as regular Baccarat, the only difference is in stake, that in this variant are minor.

Chemin de fer (Chemmy England), a version very similar to baccarat where the only difference is that when the banker, who is usually a player loses has to pass the bar.

Private Baccarat, in this variant the rules are the same as the regular baccarat except for one. The player plays two hands and both hands must be successful on the bench, if not a winning one, and has a standoff bet remains on the bench.

Super Pan Nine, this model very popular in online casinos differ in the number of cards (3 instead of 2) and in the papers with score 0 (also 7, 8, 9 and 10 are zero). The other rules are the same as regular baccarat.

The strategies in baccarat game will help in calculating the odds of a specific card or number on the counter. One of the most basic strategies is to always bet on the bench, because statistically the dealer has a better chance of winning player.

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